Holiday Photos – Mini Sessions 2022

Holiday Photos – Mini Sessions – New Jersey

It’s that time of the year again! Holiday sessions are live! There’s no fuzzier feeling that getting the perfect holiday images to send out to family and friends as the season approaches. Holiday mini sessions are always a fun time for new and exiting clients. I get to visit with all of my current favorite people, and meet some new ones too! For the clients who come back every year, it is always a joy for me to see how “my babies” are growing up!

As with every year, I have some adorable indoor sets as well as the ever popular tree farm with a vintage Christmas truck setup. I also have Santa minis available! For those kiddos who don’t actually want to take photos with Santa, I have a Santa Mail box where your children can drop their letters, and he will reply back! So look for those in your mailbox as December approaches.

Holiday mini sessions are structured differently than normal sessions, and are priced at a special rate to ensure that everyone can create special memories for their families.

Keep reading for tips on how and when to book your holiday mini sessions!

Why book Early?

You might be wondering why many photographers release their Holiday sessions in the summer (some even earlier!). Scroll through for some tips and set previews & booking links at the bottom! Due to the high demand for these sessions, and the limited availability on weekend days during the season, we have to plan out our Fall and Holiday seasons early.

It is rare to do Holiday sessions past mid-November. We need time to send out galleries, await your final choices, and of course EDIT your images.

HOWEVER, this benefits you as well! Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t wait until the last moment to reserve your Holiday session spot.

holiday sessions 2022 tree farm child
holiday sessions new jersey
tree farm new jersey
  • You want to make sure you get a spot! This is the busiest season for all photographers! Between fall and holiday, there is a serious time crunch to try and accommodate all of our clients. Naturally, we all have limits to our schedules, so the timeframe is small. Many times clients inquire in September and October only to find there is no availability left!
  • You want to have time to plan your family’s outfits! No one wants to scramble around last minute to try and plan outfits! While I do have many outfits for smaller children available to clients, coordinating family outfits requires a little bit more time. With a bit more time, you have the flexibility to search for the perfect coordinating pieces to give your looks the final touch! And yes, I have outfits for your little ones!
  • Getting your images on time for cards! The earlier sessions will allow for more editing and turnaround time so that you receive your images in a timely manner in order to receive your holiday cards on time! Editing is something I cannot rush through for your final images!
  • It’s one less thing you have to worry about when the time comes because it’ll already be booked on your calendar!! I have a ton of inquiries very late in the season when they are no longer available of completely booked.

Why are your outdoor sessions so early in the season?

You may notice that most of the outdoor sessions are in October. There is a reason for this! The weather is nicer! Colder weather does not make for very happy smiling kiddos! The more mild fall weather is more comfortable for kiddos, and allows for more outfitting options too!

holiday sessions 2022 tree farm child
holiday sessions new jersey
tree farm new jersey

You can find all of the mini session options over here at my BigCartel page! Please note that to reserve your spot, a session retainer is required. See the options for this year below.

For all other session types, please contact me here! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with the latest news!

Sofia Ribeiro Photography offers Holiday mini sessions for North and Central New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and surrounding areas.

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