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Your pregnancy, as art..

Whether you want an indoor or an outdoor maternity session, my goal is to capture you in all of your motherly essence. To make you feel like the goddess you may not see yourself to be in this exact moment. To make you see that you may actually never feel more beautiful than you are right now. When you look back at your photos, you won’t remember the morning sickness, or the exhaustion. Or the party your baby decided to throw you every night those last few months. But you will remember all of the lovely little feelings. The smiles when you felt those wild kicks (or the grimaces, if they got you in the ribs!). And the feeling of anticipation of when you’d finally hold your little one. 


Every maternity session includes full access to our wardrobe of gowns, bodysuits, fabrics, and accessories. Partners and other children are also included.

Why should I book professional maternity photography?

For the 40 weeks that you are expecting, you feel so many things; physically, emotionally, spiritually- and it all comes down to that tiny little being growing inside of you. Having a baby is like living with your heart on the outside of your body. It is inexplicable- a part of you, becomes a part of them. We watch our bodies change, our bellies grow, and we don’t always feel like the amazing goddesses we actually truly are. We have created a human, and we will go through so many trials, so many doubts, so much judgement, and so much stress. And yet, many of us will want to do it all over again. One day, we will wake up and miss feeling the little flutters and kicks and hiccups we felt during those seemingly long months.  These photos will forever capture this moment in time for you.

Take a look through this handy guide I’ve created: “8 Reasons to Take Maternity Photos.”

Maternity sessions generally take place between 28-34 weeks. You should reach out to schedule your session when you are around the 20 week mark. You can read more advice on when to book your session HERE.

“… the only person to feel your heart beat from the inside.”

Tips to help you plan for your maternity session….

Maternity Session Portfolio

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Sofia Ribeiro is a New Jersey maternity photographer, serving the north and central New Jersey areas, including Bergen, Passaic, Morris, Middlesex, Monmouth, Somerset, Union, Essex, and Hudson counties. She also serves the New York City and Staten Island areas.

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