piscawatay nj newborn photographer, family session with baby

Piscataway NJ Newborn Photographer

This sweet client had reached out to me in the past to schedule a session and for some reason or another it hadn’t panned out. With some very busy work schedules and parental leave complications, this newborn session came to be when baby girl was six weeks old!

Little sister joins a perfectly well behaved little gentleman of an older brother, and a precocious, mischievous one a half a year old big sister. To say their hands are full as parents, is an understatement! At six weeks old, babies are typically past their “prime” for newborn sessions, however, as our focus was more on capturing family sessions, it worked out well for this family.

piscawatay nj newborn photographer, family session with baby
piscawatay nj newborn photographer, mom big brother and baby
piscawatay nj newborn photographer, big siblings with baby
piscawatay nj newborn photographer, mom and baby with angel wings

Older newborns do better in wraps since they tend to be more alert and wake up more easily. However, I have to say that baby girl was pretty awesome for a six week old and did really well. Of course, being that we had a wiggly toddler, any prop shots were composites without the baby in the prop. Once we got the shot of baby in the prop (with a spotter), she was removed and the siblings took over. This is the safest way for me to accomplish any sibling shots were props are elevated, have wheels, rock, etc. It is just not worth not taking this extra step to ensure baby’s safety.

Family newborn sessions with toddlers can be quite chaotic, and at times, it was. However, the key is to not force kids into doing anything. Sometimes we get a ton of great images, sometimes we get one. We can’t set high expectations for toddlers for something of this magnitude. They are just usually not here for it! But with a lot of patience, and time, we can work on capturing some great images for you to treasure.

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