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Party of Five – Bridgewater NJ Family Photos

Sofia Ribeiro Photography is a Bridgewater NJ Family Photographer.

I had such a lovely time with this family! Not only are they all gorgeous, but having a precocious 2 year old myself, I had a lot of fun with their littlest. The mischievous personality constant curiosity reminded me of my own son. I adored watching all of them interact with each other! And what about the sweet daddy and son moments?

This beautiful mom takes a lot of gorgeous photos of her children – I am always impressed when I see gallery walls in clients’ homes! Having those memories and telling your family story on your walls is so important. You can literally trace your family’s history by spending a few minutes lingering on each image and remembering all of those lovely moments in time!

Mom reached out to me for a family session because, as most of us know, at some point, our littles become uncooperative for photos. I know this to be true because as a photographer, my children have supreme “photographer child” syndrome. This is where they just stop wanting to deal with you photographing them and you look like a crazy person yelling for them to cooperate for JUST. ONE. PHOTO. It is also next to impossible to take your own family images, so this was just a pleasure for me to be a part of!

As typical in my family sessions, I always encourage mom and dad to get a portrait together. Our daily lives with children often revolve around just our kids. It is important to do something for us as parents as well, and show and share the love between you too!

bridgewater nj family photographer,
bridgewater nj family photographer
Bridgewater NJ Family Photographer
Bridgewater NJ Family Photographer
Bridgewater NJ Family Photographer

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Sofia Ribeiro Photography is a Bridgewater NJ Family Photographer servicing the New Jersey/NY metro area.

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