8 Reasons to take maternity photos

Why are Maternity Photos Important?

Read on for 8 reasons you should take maternity photos. Pregnancy is such a beautiful thing. It is truly a miracle what our bodies are capable of and that a child can be brought into the world in this way. It is a time when you will be experiencing a whole range of physical and emotional changes, in addition to all of the preparation that comes with welcoming a new baby.

There was once a time when expectant moms were supposed to hide their bumps beneath voluminous layers of clothing. After all, pregnancy was supposed to be modest, and nhancing or showing off of one’s baby bump was considered scandalous. Who doesn’t remember the infamous Demi Moore photoshoot in 1991 when she bared all pregnant? This may have been the catalyst for women everywhere when it comes to registering their pregnancies. These days, we have the luxury of being able to capture moms in all of their beautiful, glowing, miraculous glory.

I am happy to say that since then, maternity photography has come a long way. Women are proud to celebrate their pregnancies and the spectacular form of what their bodies can do, without embarrassment or shame. I love photographing expectant moms. Not only do maternity photos register your pregnancy for you, but can also transform you into a work of art for your walls.

Should I take maternity photos? 8 Reasons to schedule a maternity shoot

1. Taking maternity photos marks your journey in motherhood

Whether this is your first pregnancy, or your last, maternity photos mark your journey to becoming a mom, or celebrating the growth in your journey with new babies. This is a moment that you won’t get back- regardless of whether you’ve been pregnant before or not.

If you’ve had more than one child, you likely know that each pregnancy can be different and brings with it its own set of challenges. Whether you are doing this photoshoot alone, with a partner, or including your other children, this photo session is about your own transition in this journey. You will end up with portraits you will be proud to display and share with your family.

2. You’ll miss your bump

With each pregnancy, I remember missing my baby bump almost immediately after. Even though I now had a most precious baby in my arms, I marveled at the thought that this tiny being had just been comfortably situated in my belly. I missed it. I would find myself in the shower or randomly holding my stomach and thinking about all of that time that baby spent in it, amazed at how they could ever even fit in there.

Once baby is here, and as time passes, you’ll think back to the “before baby” time, and you won’t necessarily remember any of the negative aspects that came along with it. Sure, we know maybe we had a rough pregnancy, or a lot of nausea, back pain, butt pain, and everything in between. With time, all of those thoughts will be diminished compared to the memories of caressing your belly, and watching the kicks and movements of baby before their arrival.

3. These are the last photos you will take before your family changes forever

This photoshoot will mark the dynamics of your family before a new little baby changes it forever. It may be just you, you and your partner, or a growing family of littles. The photos will register the time before a new life joined your brood and is the start to your baby’s own story! They will capture the joy and anticipation leading up to baby’s arrival, and there is a special tenderness and serenity that is evident in these portraits.

4. Maternity photos are a special time to bond with your partner

Having a pregnancy photoshoot that includes your partner, is an opportunity for some bonding time together. Likely the last time you took photos together was around another milestone- an engagement, or wedding. Taking photos together to celebrate YOUR baby gives dad an opportunity to bond over this moment, and capture your family as it is before it changes forever. I always encourage including mom AND dad in maternity photos.

Anytime I’ve shot couples together for maternity, dads are always more than happy to cuddle up with their partners. While the photos are about the impending baby’s arrival, I often find that we capture some truly emotive, dare I say it, even sexy photos of the two of you together. It is really amazing for me during these sessions, to watch how much dad idolizes and admires his pregnant partner while we are shooting together! It is definitely a positive experience for all parties involved!

5. A maternity photoshoot is an excuse to get dolled up and have a special date night

Getting your hair and make-up done for a photoshoot is a breath of fresh air when most moms are trying their best to feel comfortable in their daily wardrobe choices. We may not always feel fabulous, and after your photoshoot, it is a great opportunity to go out on a date or do something fun with your partner. It is a great self-confidence booster!

6. Your maternity photos will make you feel both beautiful and powerful

I can’t tell you the amount of moms-to-be that come in to their photoshoots telling me that they DON’T FEEL BEAUTIFUL. We may not always feel our best, and we are our own worst critics. Pregnancy will do that to us. While some may benefit from that “glow” and have fabulous hair and radiant skin, most of us are feeling the weight of our bodies changing, and the impossible expectation of living up to what we may see online.

By the time we are done with their session, every single mom has told me a version of the same thing:

  • Wow! I can’t believe that is me!
  • Oh my goodness, I look amazing!
  • I’ve never felt so beautiful during this pregnancy!
  • I really needed this self-confidence boost!

Please know that I am not making miracles in the camera. I am here to guide you and pose you in a way that enhances your body. But I am not changing who you are. Yes, you really are that powerful, gorgeous, goddess of a human being proudly carrying this baby in your body! “My” moms walk away looking and feeling radiant. You are powerful, your body is powerful, you are creating a life.

7. You can choose what to show in your photos

These photos are all about you and your baby bump. As such, you can choose to be more bold or more conservative. I work with each mom on their level of comfort in what to wear or not wear during their session. Some moms may be more comfortable completely covered up, in which case, we focus on enhancing the shape of your bump. Others may be ok with nude or implied nudity with the use of lighting and other styling designed to emphasize the pregnant form. We will work together to create art for you to treasure.

8. Your child (and you) will love them in the future

Think about when you were growing up- maybe there are just one or two photos of your own mom in a maternity dress (nightgown, or mu-mu) that you treasure. We only ever look at those photos with love, and see the love that they have for us. Your mom may not have been having the best day, been nauseous or tired, but we only ever see love.

When you look back at these photos, you will only see the same. That you looked and felt amazing, and that you can share those precious images celebrating your baby with your own children. One day they will also look back at these and do the same. I always like to tell moms, since I imagine myself doing the same; one day when we’re 80 years old and sitting in our favorite chair by the fire, we can look back at these image with a “Wow! I looked amazing back then!”

How to display your maternity photos

There are several ways you can enjoy your photos after your maternity session. You can explore wall art, albums, or just folio prints in a beautiful display box. See the below examples. You can find out more about our print options here.

You can place a more striking, or family oriented maternity image nearly anywhere in your home. For more private, implied nude, or boudoir maternity, the bedroom is the perfect place for these. You can also tuck them away into a beautiful album to pull out at your leisure.

How to prepare for your maternity session

After you schedule your maternity session, your photographer should provide you with some preparation guidelines. Typically these include grooming, proper undergarments, and does and don’ts to consider before your session. Whether wardrobe is included is highly dependent on every photographer (good news, we do! see: “What to wear for your maternity session,” here).

If you are including your partner and other children in your session, it is important to plan this in advance with your photographer so the session can run smoothly.

Additional Resources for planning your maternity photoshoot

If the above reasons for taking maternity photos have swayed you into scheduling your own maternity photoshoot, see the below articles to help you plan your session!

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