First Communion Photography in New Jersey

First Communion Photography & Portraits

Did you know that you can book first communion portraits in New Jersey with Sofia Ribeiro Photography? A child’s First Holy Communion is an important milestone that most families will celebrate in Church, and share afterwards with their families. The importance of this event should be celebrated, and we are pleased to be able to capture your child in a way that will be a treasured heirloom forever.

Your portrait session will be customized to your child and capture this milestone in a meaningful way. Attention to the small details is equally important to most parents for this session. I love connecting with your children, and hearing the personal stories that often accompany some part of this celebration for you.

Capturing your child, and your family for their first communion

A lot of families inquire about first communion sessions for the day of the actual communion, at the Church or before/after the ceremony. If you really want to capture beautiful, stress-free portraits, first communion portraits should be scheduled either in the weeks leading up to, or after the event. I do not do event photography, but have scheduled a variety of portrait sessions for families before and after their big event.

Scheduling this way allows us to capture your portraits in a stress-free environment and here is why. The day of the communion you are likely contending with:

  • The rush and bustle of all of the other families attempting to take photos at the same time, inside the church or out.
  • Many people plan a lunch or party afterwards to celebrate, and you are worrying about getting to a family there on time.
  • Typically the prep time prior to the ceremony, can also feel rushed.
  • Some churches have their own photographer at the event, and will not allow any other photography inside the church itself.
  • Contending with weather – we can schedule your portrait session for the best results, if it rains the day of, photography is limited to indoors.

Scheduling your portrait session at another date also allows for taking the time to pose and guide your child and your family. We can give attention to the small details that have their place during this milestone as well.

Many families also use this moment of celebration to also capture an updated family portrait. When was the last time you had a real family portrait taken? Along with the solo portraits of your child (or children), we take the opportunity to capture timeless portraits of your family together as well.

Where can we take first communion photos?

You can choose to have your portraits done on location or in-studio. In-studio you can expect portraits of a more fine art nature, with a variety of backdrops available in different tones for your selection. We will absolutely discuss your preferences when booking your session. The decision is entirely up to you, and either option will yield stunning portraits of your child and family.

You can also choose to take your portraits outdoors. First communions generally happen in the prettiest season in New Jersey. We can take advantage of all of the beautiful blooms coming in, the trees are looking lush, and gardens lend themselves to beautiful outdoor sessions. There is an assortment of locations we can choose from to capture your child and family at your best. Some locations may require advanced reservation or permit fees, or may only be available on specific days. This will all be thoroughly discussed when you book your session.

When should you book your communion portraits?

First communion portraits can be booked before or after the actual event. Most clients will choose to book 2 months prior in order to have images back in time for their event. If waiting on a custom ordered or tailored garment, we will schedule your session for when their outfit arrives. Due to the time constraints of the actual day of the ceremony, a portrait session cannot take place the same day as their communion.

What to expect from your communion portraits

For your portraits, we will aim to capture your child solo in more formal poses, with attention paid to the smaller details as well. You can bring their rosary, a small bible, their veil, gloves, an heirloom piece, or anything you are incorporating into their special day so we can capture those as well. Parents have lovingly taken the time to get their child a special outfit for this day and it is nice to be able to capture all of the details within.

I absolutely love photographing girls in their communion dresses and seeing all of the gorgeous gowns you have lovingly chosen to commemorate this day. As a mom of boys, I also love seeing the handsome little guys in their suit and capturing their personalities!

Below, you can see a variety of portraits created for different clients, showcasing your child in this truly special moment.

First Communion Photography Prices

Collections and pricing options for first communion photography and portraits can be discussed during our consultation. Here we will determine your family’s exact needs and find an option suitable for you and your child. Click the inquiry link at the bottom of this article to find out more.

After we spend our lovely time together taking your portraits, we will meet again via Zoom to review your photos, and make your final selections. It is here that I will help you choose only the images that you love, and how you can enjoy them.

Where to buy Communion dresses in New Jersey

Over the years, clients have sourced the most beautiful gowns and outfits for their children, and I have kept tabs on some of their favorite shops. Here is a list of communion dress stores in NJ and boutiques (and one in Staten Island) with a variety of options first holy communion dresses and suits, that many of my clients have used to purchase their outfits and recommend!

Best Communion Dress Stores in New Jersey

I have seen quite a few people have luck finding communion dresses at Amazon, Nordstrom, and Bloomingdales as well!

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