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This sweet family came to me through a very close mutual friend. They all went to med school together and are all having the most adorable babies lately! When we booked their session we of course spoke about the typical newborn session timing. The one request from them was that we do baby girl’s session at one month. Naturally, I asked why, and it was due to the cultural practice of “sitting the month” for mom and baby. As they are Chinese, this concept, “zuo yue zi”, allows mom to stay home and be cared for the entire month post birth. The focus is on restoring mom’s physical and mental health, but also protecting both mom and baby health-wise as well.

In a country like ours, where maternity leave is not mandatory (disgraceful) for many employed women, and post-partum care is severely lacking, this concept is absolutely brilliant. Not only does your whole life change and you suddenly have a new human to care for, mom’s body has also undergone a HUGE, major set of changes. As an advocate for post-partum health for moms, the fact that as a culture, there is enough respect and importance places on mom’s recovery, is just amazing. I had just become aware of this concept recently, through social media, but you can look it up and see about the details.

5 Week Old Newborn Session

But anyway, back to this adorable baby’s session. She was just perfect, and had the most amazing facial expressions. The eye contact was on point, and I love the hilarious photo of her and dad together – the sheer joy of dad, with the contrasting cry face! I love that mom and dad chose this photo- it just illustrates so well the myriad of emotions parents go through with a newborn.

As with any older newborn, babies will have longer periods of awake time, which can be challenging during a session that is already length. But, as I always say, every baby is different, and this one was no exception. She managed to sleep for quite a bit of time to allow us to capture some adorable poses, even without a wrap! Enjoy!

I mean, just look at that face! And she’s got a dimple too! The three of them are just so gorgeous!

edgewater nj newborn photographer baby girl in pink heart with flowers
edgewater nj newborn photographer, parents with baby yawning, closeup
edgewater nj newborn photographer, baby in pink basket with flowers
edgewater nj newborn photographer, mom and baby wrapped in pink ruffles
edgewater nj newborn photographer, mom wrapped up with baby

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