How to prepare for your maternity session

Tips to prepare for your maternity session

Expecting a baby should be honored with amazing portraits celebrating you as a woman, glowing, empowered, and beautiful. Following the below steps will help you to prepare for your maternity session with Sofia Ribeiro Photography. Please don’t forget that aside from the below guidelines, as a client you ALWAYS have access to my client wardrobe. My client wardrobe is chock full of fabrics, bodysuits, gowns, and accessories for your personal use during your session with Sofia Ribeiro Photography. You can take a quick look through the maternity gallery here for some inspiration.

preparing for your studio maternity session wardrobe and undergarments

Wardrobe & Undergarments

Once you book your session and discuss your wardrobe looks and styling, I will make recommendations for undergarments. It is important to let me know what looks you are interested in at least a WEEK BEFORE your session. Preparing for your session ahead of time is key. Mom needs to bring the following:

  • Nude & black strapless bra and underwear for under gowns and fabrics. Bras should be supportive and snug for lift in the chest. Pre-pregnancy bras work the best! No patterned undergarments. If you want lingerie specific looks, that is totally great and we can discuss colors/patterns.
  • Nipple pasties – for wearing under fabrics, certain sheer garments or body jewelery.
  • We will discuss your partner’s wardrobe prior- please have any shirts and blazers on hangers to minimize wrinkles.
  • Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing to avoid any elastic marks on the body.
  • If there is anything particular you would like to wear from your own wardrobe, please let me know in advance so I can coordinate accordingly.


Please take care of all grooming needs prior to the session, including but not limited to the following:

  • Shower (and wash hair before getting hair done)
  • Shave all necessary areas – shaving cannot be done in photoshop.
  • Please wear deodorant- I understand that hormones are wild and women can perspire more during pregnancy and I want you to feel your most comfortable and not self conscious. But I assure you, sweating is normal!
  • Moisturize lips, expectant mother’s lips dry out more often.
  • Spray or faux tans the week before a session is not recommended- if you spray tan, please allow at least a week for some fading.
  • Please have your nails clean or freshly manicured, your hands will be in every image!
  • Hydrate your skin the morning of your session with a non-greasy lotion.
preparing for your maternity session grooming

treat yourself in preparing for your maternity session

Treat Yourself!

This is a special occasion and one of the best reasons to treat yourself!

  • Hiring a professional hair and makeup artist will make you feel like the queen you are! You deserve a little pampering! I have several wonderful stylists I can recommend to you.
  • Please be sure to eat prior to your session. With hormones and changing body temperatures, it is important not to feel faint and have energy for your session.Water is especially important. I keep water and snacks on hand, but please consider any special dietary restrictions.
  • GO ON A DATE! After our amazing time together, take advantage of the hair and makeup and your fabulous self and go on a date to celebrate this soon to arrive new little baby!

Let me Know…

Prior to our session, please let me know if you are ok with:

  • Partial or implied nudity (it is ok to change your mind on this once you are at your session!)
  • If you have any favorite features you’d like emphasized.
  • If you have any scars, birthmarks, etc that you would like removed.

Don’t Forget

Please don’t forget to eat before your session! Expectant mamas can often feel faint or light headed when they don’t have enough to eat or drink! I want to you be as comfortable as possible during our time together! I will always have a few snacks and water on hand just in case too! With this quick guide, it should be easy to prepare for your maternity session with me!


You can consult the below posts on ideas for wardrobe.

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