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Mom & Daughter Photo Session

Sometimes, you just want to take a moment and be photographed with your baby. Mom wanted to create special portraits for herself and her girl, and this mom & daughter photo session does just that.

Parents may be wary of having a photoshoot with their teenager, but my goodness, was this duo impeccable! Mom was gorgeous and her daughter was just the picture of grace. You can see the beautiful bond between the two.

I always tell clients how important it is to exist in photos for your children. Often, as parents, we are the ones behind the lens, trying to capture every moment with our phones in an effort to hold onto all of those little moments for as long as possible. But then the only place those moments exist is in your phone, and more often than not, we never give ourselves the gift of being in portraits with our children. And it is a gift. One day it’s all they will have of us!

mom and daughter mother's day photo session, nj

As women, we are always questioning ourselves and the way we look. I promise you our children don’t ever see us that way. Can you believe mom almost passed on her solo portrait? But her daughter absolutely refused to accept that and just kept saying, “mom, you’re so beautiful”… she needed a portrait of her mom looking as beautiful as she sees her every day. That was so special to hear, and validates everything I do for families when I create for you!

mom and daughter mother's day photo session, nj teenage girl with mom
teenage girl portraits, childhood portraits, nj
I remember the audible gasp when mom saw saw the moment I captured the solo portraits of her daughter. We always think our children are beautiful, but when you see the moment come to life as it is happening, it is just an amazing feeling.

In 30 years, what images will your children be looking at? Will that floppy, CD, usb, be what they reach for? Or the beautiful images you have in an album or on your wall? This was a gorgeous session to create, and I hope I inspire you to be photographed with your own teenagers.

If you are contemplating giving yourself or a mom in your life the most amazing gift, this would be the perfect idea for Mother’s Day. One that will outlive flowers or that box of chocolates, and be loved & cherished for all time.

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