grandparents family session with grandchildren

Grandparent Photos with Grandchildren – NJ

This grandparents photo session with their grandchildren was just a joy to photograph! If we are fortunate enough to have our babies’ grandparents around for their childhood, we know how special their bond is. There is a special tenderness for their grandchildren that was different for us as their kids. It’s not that they love them more, it’s that they were tougher on us than they are with them.

After all, we see them getting away with things we say “Wait a second, you would have never let me get away with that!”. We even get reprimanded by our own parents, for reprimanding OUR kids! Sometimes, we may even feel a twinge of jealousy at this incredible bond. But all of that is just a part of observing that love between them that makes our hearts burst.

The best Christmas gift you could gift them

Mom reached out to me and gifted her parents a session for Christmas with her and her brothers’ babies. We planned this session for spring time and coordinated all of their outfits. I actually photographed the older grandchildren on both mom and brother’s side. This was years and years ago when they were babies, so life has a way of coming full circle. Mom was actually having her younger baby at the same time I was having my first. We were practically hospital buddies too!

It was so nice to catch up to them and see how these kids have grown. Watching these grandparents with their grandchildren was such a wonderful experience. Fun fact, mom is a seamstress and made her incredible dress too! The color tones we used for their session was a mix of light grays, white, and blush, which perfectly complemented them all. We also made it a point to capture grandma & grandpa together for their own beautiful portrait!

grandparents family session with grandchildren
grandparents portrait session, couples photo
grandparents family session, grandparents with grandsons

If we are lucky to have had them, memories with our own grandparents are perhaps some of the best we have. For me, it was the memory of getting cuddles at nighttime whenever we stayed over. Even as an adult, there was just something else about cuddling up next to grandma in bed and listening to her stories. The exploration of every nook and cranny of their farms. My grandfather picking a barrel of oranges off of his tree and squeezing them all into a tiny pitcher of the best tasting orange juice ever.

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