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This sweet family came to me for the second time to capture their new addition to their family. I had the pleasure of meeting them the first time to celebrate big sister’s communion with some special portraits of her and the family together. (You can see some of those here: First Communion Photography) As mom was expecting by then, we took the opportunity for a few maternity portraits as well!

We actually photographed this chunky squish at about a month old for a variety of reasons, and he was very well behaved. He was already a bigger baby at birth, and mom is super petite, so it was a workout! Big sisters were the perfect posing partners for baby brother, and we took some adorable images of the three.

Mom requested a more neutral palette with a hint of sage green for the overall photos of family and baby. Autumnal colors of mustard, rust, and olive green were also requested. We created a couple of looks for this cutie using those tones. As you can see, baby was wrapped for his newborn session. Being a month old, he did take a bit of time to settle in and get comfortable. The wrap kept him nice and cozy, and allowed us to easily transition from set to set by simply changing the top wrap and accessories.

whippany NJ newborn Photographer, baby boy in sage green with felted lamb and succulents
whippany NJ newborn Photographer newborn session with olive green and apples

Some parents do worry if they haven’t schedule their session in time to do it before the two week mark. However, for a variety of reasons, I can do your baby’s session at up to a month old. Of course, we should try keep it as close to or before the two week mark as much as possible.

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I always preface that the expectation for a month old baby’s session should be different than a ten day old’s. They just naturally will usually be more alert, have more awareness of their limbs, and may be “
over” the session sooner. BUT, this can happen with a fresh new newborn as well. All babies are different, and their personalities are there from the beginning! With my own second child, It took me a MONTH to do the newborn photos I wanted with him. He woke up every few minutes, and never liked to sleep from birth, wrapped or unwrapped. So, there you go!

I mean, even baby was smiling here, how perfect are they?

whippany NJ newborn Photographer, baby in mustard yellow basket with bear and stars
whippany NJ newborn Photographer mom and baby lie down image
whippany NJ newborn Photographer olive green baby setup

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