How to Make a Floral Headpiece

Making a flower crown for a maternity session

I absolutely love florals for my sessions- and recently am into using floral headpieces for my clients. This particular piece was created for a client who wanted accents of lavender incorporated into her maternity session. Based on the wardrobe colors she selected, I chose coordinating floral pieces that would tie everything together. There are many ways you can make a flower crown for your session. My version took under a half hour to make!


For this flower crown, I used the following (all from

  • Coiled Wire (the brown wrapped wire- Naturally Coiled by Ashland)
  • Green floral stem wire – I used the wrapped kind for a nicer finish.
  • Various Floral Stems with faux succulents, lavender bunches, and eucalyptus picks
  • Wire Cutters

I started by creating a headband shape from the coiled brown wire, and doubled it, twisting it together to give me my basic mold. (Don’t forget to fold the wire ends up to avoid poking yourself or your client).

Then I laid out the floral stems and picks to give myself an idea of how I wanted them arranged. The next part is easy- just wrap them to the headband with the stem wire! Since I was leaving one side partially bare, I liked the wrapped green stem wire to blend in more to the existing stems and give a more organic look. Remember to check often on yourself in the mirror to see if you like the placement and the way the flowers fall! And Voila!

Wrap the flower pieces in place with wrapped steam wire for a neat finish.

Final Result

I did create a cool little reel showcasing this process which you can view on my Instagram, and follow to see more of the final images from this session!

Here is just one of the amazing shots we used this crown for! The rest of the session can be viewed here!

To book your own NJ maternity session or NJ newborn session with Sofia Ribeiro Photography, contact me here!

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