Natasha Ince & Paulina Duczman Workshop

My amazing workshop with Natasha Ince & Paulina Duczman

As a photographer, I think it is super important to never stop learning and pushing yourself. It is easy to find yourself in a rut, or a creative downturn. Taking a workshop is an investment in yourself and your business, and I try to take a few of these per year. I know they are expensive, but it is always an investment that pays back tenfold. Aside from being able to learn from some of the most knowledgeable and creative artists in the industry, it is also a great time to meet and build up your own network of photographer friends. This workshop with Natasha Ince & Paulina Duczman was my first workshop of 2022, and boy was it worth it!

First off, let me say that if you aren’t yet familiar with these two brilliant artists from the UK, go familiarize yourself with them. Their award winning work will blow you away! Although their styles and approach are completely different, they are masters of their craft. Paulina creates gorgeous fine art family oriented portraiture, and Natasha is the queen of empowering pregnant women and allowing them to be unabashedly sexy, yet refined. They are both wonderful teachers and completely willing to share all of themselves with the class.

The workshop…

The day started with overall, general education- lighting, color theory, and some other good bits of information. Then we moved on to the fun part, actually watching them work with some gorgeous models. Natasha is just so great at making any pregnant woman feel at ease with their bodies, it is amazing to watch. I think if anyone spent any amount of time in a room with her, they’d walk out feeling like they could rule the world. Her personality is infectious and she is a joy to watch and learn from. Paulina’s mastery of light and physical control of her subjects is wonderful. She can create a gorgeous portrait from anyplace, be it studio or natural light. We watched her create some of the most striking family portraits that day with such ease.

As photographers, posing is the most important skill to learn to manipulate your subjects and enhance their best attributes. Every small change in a limb, ever bend of a joint, contributes to the overall power of the composition, and can make or break the image, AND the client’s satisfaction of their session. These ladies are so attentive to detail that everyone looks like a professional model after their respective sessions, and the artwork they are left with are true treasures.

We ended the day with editing workflows from both of these talented ladies. But aside from learning A TON, we walked away feeling like we had just been to an amazing party and reaped all of the business & knowledge benefits.

Workshop Images

The below images were taken at the workshop by Natasha and Paulina and shared with us to edit! How gorgeous were these amazing families and expectant mamas?

paulina duczman photography workshop
natasha ince workshop

You can look at their respective websites here and here, and follow them on instagram @photographybynatashaince and @paulinaduczman!

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