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Workshop review with the amazing Marta Ponsko from Ponsko Portraits!

I recently had the pleasure of taking a workshop with Marta Ponsko from Ponsko Portraits. Take a moment, and look her up- she is an amazing artist from Poland whose portraiture focuses on solo maternity. I came across Marta a while back and have been admiring her work ever since. You’ll quickly see why. Her unique take on colored gel lighting is super eye catching, and combined with powerful posing, stops you in your tracks.

Her photography is focused on the gorgeous pregnant female form, and she celebrates this with simple, but impactful styling. This is further enhanced in the choice of color, lighting, and wardrobe that she chooses for each shoot.

To say that the workshop with her fueled creative fires, is to say the least. I have played with gels in the past, and it is always yields fun & unique results. But to be totally immersed in it for an entire day is a whole other story. We had two beautiful expectant moms as models for the day, and they nailed it with Marta’s direction. Marta was also really great at allowing us to photograph the different setups, while making sure everyone really understood the concept.

I walked away from this day feeling re-energized, and ready to take on a different approach in what I offer my clients. We had an amazing group of fellow photographer attendees, and I think we can all agree that this workshop was 100% worth the investment! It was an amazing day!

Workshop Images

These are just some of the fun lighting setups we played with during the workshop. Shot and edited by me.

ponsko portraits workshop portrait
ponsko portraits workshop portrait

You can check our her page here, and follow her on Instagram @Ponskoportraits.

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