Product Spotlight – Fine Art Prints & Amalfi Panels

Matted Fine Art Prints & Amalfi Panels for your home

Do you like more classic styles of portraiture? Do all of the images in your home have frames? Is your home decor more on the classic side? Fine art prints or customized Amalfi Panels may be just what you need on your walls.

All of the fine art prints are produced in Italy, high definition, 300 year archival rated, museum worthy prints. If I can liken the surface texture to anything, it’s like looking at a 3-dimensional painting, but in photo form. As a matter of fact, this is what most clients tell me when they see them “it looks like a painting!” Like looking at a portrait in a museum, it compels you to almost reach out and touch the 3-dimensional quality of it (but please don’t)! This is the best paper in terms of quality.

There are two options for fine art prints as wall art for your home. Each has its own set of characteristics.

  • Mega Mats
  • Amalfi Panels

What are HD Fine Art Prints and what makes them different?

Our fine art art prints are made with HD printing technology to provide a full level of color, details, and extraordinary finishing. It is archival certified for museum quality results. This is nothing like what you can purchase at a consumer level – see the below comparison from our print lab for reference. The surface is velvety smooth, and the 3-dimensional but also painterly quality of the image is unmatched. This dynamic range of printing ensures that your images look like the art they are supposed to be, with no funny tones in skin and the appropriate amount of detail and clarity in your portraits.

Benefits of Matted Fine Art Prints

Fine Art Print features:

  • Heavy Duty Archival matts
  • Can be custom framed at your framer of choice to match existing frames or home decor

If you already have frames that you’d like to use for your home decor, or are replacing images in an existing frame, we can customize the size of the mega mat to your existing size. Otherwise, the matted fine art prints will need to be custom framed.

The benefit of framing a fine art print is that you can have a framer match the frame to your existing home decor. Framing is a great option if you have more traditional decor in your home, or if you want to match existing wall art.

Fine art prints come in heavy duty, archival rated mats.

Benefits of Amalfi Panels

Amalfi Panel Features:

  • Slim Profile
  • Ready to Hang
  • Customizable panel colors to match your decor
  • Hand pressed paper with deckled edges

Amalfi panel prints are given their name from the source from which the handmade paper comes from. The panels feature a fine art print mounted within hand pressed paper made using centuries old techniques in Amalfi, Italy. The paper is deckled, or, in layman’s terms, has the hand torn effect on the edges, lending a different, more artful feeling to your piece. Occasionally, you can see a faint embossing from the paper mill, a mark of its authenticity.

This hand hewn paper is then paired with cotton fabric, linen, or wood fiber wrapped over the panel it is mounted on. The panel itself can be customized in a variety of colors to match your interior, or for instance, baby’s nursery. This combination of textures make these panels truly a artful display. As with all of the other ready-to-hang wall art pieces, the Amalfi panels also come with integrated hangers on the back.

Amalfi panels are a client favorite, especially for newborn nursery or grandparent gifts! They can also be coordinated with your other finishes- such as in the example below with the folio box, and the warm wood grain on the canvas block.

A client’s Amalfi panel trio going in the baby’s nursery.
custom artwork amalfi panel print
Two Amalfi panels flanking a 20×30 canvas

Other Wall Art Options

You can find more information on other types of wall art and printing options we provide at the below links.

Not sure what size to get? See this handy guide for a size comparison, and some existing client’s wall art layouts for inspiration.

How to Hang Your Wall Art

You can find a more in-depth guide on hanging different types of wall art HERE.

Before you hang your wall art, you should gather some essentials. You can find a shoppable list of supplies here: Tools for Hanging Wall Art

  • Measuring Tape
  • Hammer
  • Picture Hangers, Screws, or Wall Anchors, depending on surface type and portrait weight
  • Laser Level (or regular level) – I find the laser levels to be the most useful when lining up multiple pieces, THIS ONE is a favorite.
  • Painters tape
  • Cardboard or paper (optional) for laying out your pieces
  • A pencil – to mark guide holes for where to drill or hammer.

Hanging your wall art depends on your surface type and the weight of the products you are hanging. For any heavier fine art piece that you are placing on your walls, I always recommend a secure and traditional method of a screw directly into the 2x4s in your walls, and where not possible, with the appropriate wall anchors to securely hold your piece in place. Amalfi panels, canvas, metal, and acrylic wall art pieces all come with integrated, flush hangers so there is no need to attach additional hanging hardware to your piece. For framed pieces, your framer should be able to specify the appropriate hanging hardware for the weight of your piece.

Smaller, lightweight pieces should be fine with simple picture-hangers. I would not recommend hanging any wall art with command strips as these can fail, despite the weight rating. However, these are fine for more casual home decor items.

You can find more resources and tips here:

  1. How to Hang a Picture: 5 Tips
  2. How to Hang a Picture Perfectly – some great tips on spacing in common areas
  3. Hanging Wall Art- The Complete Guide

A few quick tips for hanging your wall art – Do’s and Don’ts

  • DO: Find eyelevel as a starting point for the center of your artwork- this is around 57-60″ from the floor
  • DO: Mock-up your artwork with painters tape or cardboard to make sure you like the positioning prior to making any permanent holes.
  • DO: Use the appropriate wall anchors for the weight of the piece type of wall you have when not anchoring directly into studs.

  • DON’T: Use command strips for hanging fine artwork or any artwork you have heavily invested in
  • DON’T: Place your artwork in direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will degrade and fade anything over time.

Sofia Ribeiro is an NJ maternity and newborn photographer, serving the Tri-state area, including North and Central New Jersey, as well as New York City, Staten Island, and beyond. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with the latest!

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