What is a Folio Box?

A folio box is…

The folio box is a curated collection of your favorite images from your session. It is a client favorite when they choose portrait collections is a lovely piece that serves dual purpose- display AND storage. Heirloom folio boxes can be customized to hold up to 30 images, and with their framed clear lid, you can change the image that is displayed at the front. You can think of the folio box as the modern day equivalent of photo album for your fine art prints.

The folio boxes hold matted prints and come in a variety of colors and finishes. A popular choice for a more modern aesthetic are the white and black options. For a more organic, softer feel, there are also a couple of linen finishes to choose from. Customizable colors make it a perfect choice to match your home decor. You can also tailor it to complement the session’s overall look and feel. The boxes feature a magnetic lid and a satin pull out ribbon to lift your images up and out of the box.

I post a lot of client artwork on my Instagram reels so you can see all of the new products as they arrive!

What can I do with my Folio Box?

While it is not a wall art piece, your folio box can be enjoyed in many different ways. Some client favorites include:

  1. Display it upright on your mantel or bookshelf and rotate the front display image.
  2. Place it on your coffee table for a conversation piece
  3. Frame a few and store the rest in a place for safe-keeping
what is a folio box

It’s the perfect solution.

My clients love the versatility of being able to display their collection of images without having to hang every single one! Most select a few of their matted fine art images to display, and keep the rest in the box. It is perfect on a shelf or coffee table as a conversation piece!

The goal with the folio box is to have something something tangible and beautiful that you can enjoy outside of your phone or computer, and as a result, have something you’ll be able to pass on to your children. In today’s fast paced and digital world, we want instant gratification with digital products. More often than not, digital products get left on drives or discs in drawers, or live out their lives on social media networks where one day they may no longer exist, or we get ourselves locked out with whatever password we created in high-school and no longer remember.

I personally have a few folio boxes in my home, and I rotate out the fine art display images depending on the season, my mood, really, whenever it strikes me.

To learn more about my custom artwork options, click here.

what is a folio box

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