fine art first communion photographer, nj daddy twirling daughter

Fine Art NJ Communion Photographer

As a fine art NJ communion photographer, I don’t photograph communions as an event or the day of. I am however, available to capture special portraits of your child before or after their important day!

I have been so blessed to have been photographing this little lady and her family since she was BORN! Her and her sister are the most gorgeous little humans. They are just so mesmerizing. I have their portraits in my studio from a fine art session we did, and everyone is captivated by them. It’s definitely bittersweet to be taking her portraits for her first communion, because it means we are all getting older. But, I have had the benefit of seeing her and her sister fairly often as well!

I can also say as a credit to their parents, that they are just exceptionally well behaved too! They are super cooperative and expressive during our sessions together. Mom also told me that little sister was looking forward to seeing me again SO MUCH, in the days leading up to this session.

As we missed the spring blooms (they bloomed earlier than normal this year), we brought the florals inside. I love how the soft tones complement her. She looks like a perfect, poised little lady!

fine art first communion photographer, nj
fine art first communion photographer, nj daddy twirling daughter
fine art first communion photographer, nj

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