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As far back as I can remember, I have always loved looking at photographs- flipping through those spiraled photo albums with the sticky pages, prying one or two off to look at a date or note written on the back, being ever so careful not to dent or damage the photo itself. I could spend hours pouring through my family albums thinking back to those days (if they were of myself), or imagining the stories that surrounded those that weren’t of me. So many great memories are attaching to the mere looking at a photo album, waiting in earnest for what my dad would tell me of the ones of him and his karate mates, or the posed ones of him in the army- one photo would spiral into a dozen stories, a dozen memories. One photo, could bring back sights, sounds, even smells. One photo leaves you longing for more, at times, willing you into saying, “if I could spend a billion dollars right now, and go back in time, I would,” back to that moment, to re-live it, to feel it, to be in it.

At least, that is how I have always felt. Photos have made me cry, have made me sad, have made me well up with joy, and have made me burst into laughter. These emotions never get old. I have albums from my grandparents that have photos now over a century old, and they all tell a story. They are not only images, but records.

 These days, we are so accustomed to the instant gratification of posting something on the internet- it does make us happy, we are so happy and caught up in the moment, that we want to instantly share it with the world. But what we don’t realize at the time, is that those photos we’ve posted, too, are fleeting. They will get forgotten on our cell phones, on our hard-drives or clouds, on our endless stream of posts that we will rarely ever again have the time to search out and try to print. I too, am a culprit of this. But I too, still have sticky page albums for our daily moments (and my husband is actually much better at this upkeep than I), and beautiful artwork adorning my walls, that always make me stop in my tracks and put a smile on my face.

That is why I believe in providing my clients with museum grade, archival artwork and images that will stand the test of time. That is why I believe you SHOULD, one hundred percent, have printed images and artwork in your homes. That is why I believe that you will NEVER, ever regret the photo you DO have a print of. The image that will be passed down to your children, and from them to their own, and so forth.

What legacy will you leave?

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