montclair nj maternity photographer

Montclair NJ Maternity Photographer

This stunning mama reached out to me when she found out she was expecting a girl. She mentioned she wanted to feel beautiful again in her images, and that her photos should represent her personality. This statement stood out to me, because during her session, I just thought she was so, so stunning. Which brings me to this point: as women, we are just so hard on ourselves. And during pregnancy, a lot of us don’t feel beautiful, sexy, empowered. Our bodies are changing, and even though others may see us so beautifully on the outside, it doesn’t invalidate what we may feel inside.

We are allowed to feel everything that might not be obvious to others. Even if I saw this beautiful woman I was ready to photograph, that doesn’t mean that this is how she felt. But during her session she told me everything I wanted her to feel and hear. She couldn’t believe it was her in the camera images. She hadn’t felt this beautiful or sexy in a long time. Hearing that I was able to make her feel this way, AND capture it on camera for her to remember forever, made me feel great. This is my goal, for EVERY mom that steps in front of my lens.

montclair nj maternity photographer, rhinestone dress with pink backdrop

Mom specified that she liked sparkles, pink, gold, and florals. We were able to incorporate all of these things into her session. Mom was more than up for anything I suggested. It was truly a wonderful session.

During our zoom, creating a gorgeous album of these memories for her, she graciously thanked me for the personalized attention in spending so much time making sure all things were perfect for her final artwork and experience.

montclair nj maternity photographer, mom wrapped in gold fabric

I can’t wait to meet their baby girl!

montclair nj maternity photographer

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